Bestguarder HD Night Vision Binoculars Review

Bestguarder HD Night Vision Binoculars Review

Hunting is an activity which requires a good degree of bodily control. You need to be able to see where you are going and avoid obstacles so you can stop yourself from making excessive noise and maintain a good level of stealth.

If you fail to remain stealthy and undetected, there is a good chance that any potential prey that you come across will be long gone by the time you get into visual range. Most animals which are commonly hunted in America have pretty acute hearing, so it helps to do whatever you can to increase your stealth.

HD Digital Bestguarder Binoculars

This point is especially true when visibility is not very good. If you've ever hunted during heavy fog, you will know just how difficult it is to remain stealthy when you can barely see two feet in front of you.

Have you ever gone out hunting at night time and wished for a way to see well enough to make out potential obstacles? Being able to spot obstacles in your path is about more than just remaining undetected while you hunt, it is also a matter of personal safety.

A forest is not always a safe place, there are wild animals all about that could injure you, but even inanimate objects can pose a threat in the gloom. You will find that rocks and roots have just as much of a chance to injure you as wild animals.

It is for these reasons that you may wish to purchase night vision binoculars. They are highly helpful products for hunters and outdoorsmen in general. Before we get into our review today, we will be looking at some characteristics that you will want to look for in your new night vision optic.

Recording Capability

One thing that newer night vision devices feature that was not present on older models is the capability to take high definition images and even video of what you are seeing. Most newer models feature a button or a switch so that you can seamlessly switch between standard vision and recording modes.

Since the vast majority of models with a recording capability feature a USB port so they can be hooked up to your computer, the transfer of images and video is made simple. Transferring your recorded material from your night vision device can be as simple as transferring images from a digital camera.

Dual Purpose Functionality

Some of the most advanced and expensive night vision binoculars on the market feature the capability for dual purpose operation. This means that they are capable of functioning in both night vision mode and thermal imaging mode.

Bestguarder HD Night Vision Binoculars Parts

Night vision is known as your traditional vision mode in which you can see in the darkness. Thermal imaging, on the other hand, will show you heat sources as brighter and cold spots as darker. This allows you to track prey while you are hunting more easily, but it has the downside of being more expensive.

  • Features 4X magnification along with 1X to 5X digital zoom
  • Capable of recording HD video in 720P
  • May be used in day or night conditions
  • Capable of taking photos up to 2592x1944
  • Includes an IR illuminator that functions out to 980 feet


This pair of digital night binoculars is manufactured by Bestguarder, a Chinese company that specializes in manufacturing hunting cameras, night vision equipment, and other similar products. This product is meant to be a pair of high-quality binoculars which can be used for any outdoor activity.

It is capable of recording video and taking pictures in HD; it functions in either day or night conditions due to being able to turn off the IR and also features an IR lamp for better vision in IR mode.


This was a product which caught us by surprise. We will admit that we did not know much about Bestguarder when we first reviewed this product, but it has left us confident that they manufacture high-quality night vision devices.

First of all, the recording features and camera capabilities on this model are better than what you will find on most other similarly priced models. These features are often an afterthought on night vision devices, but they are highly appreciated when you want to record something remarkable or simply interesting.

Bestguarder HD Night Vision Binoculars


Beyond the recording capability, the IR lamp is suitably powerful for anyone requiring extra illumination in the darkness of the forest. You will find that it is very helpful when there is not enough ambient light to see properly. Beyond that, this is honestly just an excellent all around product for hunting or for any similar activity that may require additional vision in darkness.

What Others Say

Most customers who purchased this product had quite a few good things to say about it. Most of the positives were related to the excellent picture quality. One of the customers stated that he could read the titles of books on the other side of his home with the lights turned off, demonstrating the capabilities regarding magnification.

In terms of negatives, some customers complained that the instructions were somewhat unclear. We must agree with this assessment, but this product functions quite similarly to many other types of binoculars. You will be fine as long as you have a bit of experience with products such as these.

Buying Advice

This model retails for a few hundred dollars, which is a price to be expected for a night vision device with these capabilities. In terms of build quality, it feels like this is a reasonable price. It can be purchased from Amazon and other online stores that stock night vision equipment.


The Bestguarder HD Night Vision Binocular is a good all around product for those needing visibility in the dark. Aside from the instructions, there are no downsides to this product. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below.

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