Bestguarder HD Digital Night Vision Monocular Review

Bestguarder HD Digital Night Vision Monocular Review

Going hiking always ends up being an enjoyable experience, weather permitting. Sometimes, you just end up losing track of time while you hike, and it is night before you know it. Don't you wish that you could stay outside a bit longer instead of having to head back home when the sun dips below the horizon?

Hiking during the night without proper equipment can be a dangerous proposition. You are vulnerable to unseen obstacles which could result in you falling and injuring yourself. These obstacles can range from rocks to roots, to mounds of dirt, etc. Beyond that, you must also be on the lookout for wild animals.

Holding NVG In Hand

A flashlight or even a headlamp is a necessary choice if you are going hiking during the night, but even they have their disadvantages. For example, they can startle the aforementioned wild animals and even attract them to you. At the very least, it helps to have an alternative to your flashlight so that you can remain out of sight if you have to.

This is where a night vision monocular would come in handy. They tend to have a large number of advantages when compared to basic flashlights. Beyond the example of being less visible to wild animals, there is much more to night vision monoculars that make them an excellent choice for hikers and outdoorsmen.

One of these advantages is that a night vision monocular lights up the entirety of your surroundings instead of a small area, this helps you get a better idea of your surroundings. Since a flashlight lights up a small part of the area around you, it becomes harder to spot obstructions and other potential obstacles.

Magnification Level

One thing to look for in the best night vision monocular is a suitable level of magnification for your needs. Since we all have different uses for our night vision devices, the level of magnification you need is a personal choice. The magnification level dictates just how far you can see with your monocular.

Magnification is expressed regarding power, represented by an X. For example, you can have a monocular which features 2X magnification, or you can have one with 6X magnification. These are some of the more common power levels you will find featured in night vision devices, as anything more powerful tends to up the price noticeably.

Variable Or Fixed Zoom

Another feature to look for in regards to magnification is whether or not you want to be able to vary your zoom level. This allows you to change the magnification for different ranges, allowing you to see more clearly at longer ranges and shorter ranges. Zoom can be either of the analog or digital variety, working through either lenses or an electronic display.

Reindeer On Video

Variable zoom is an incredibly helpful feature and most night vision binoculars and monoculars of the digital variety tend to feature it. Being able to use your night vision device at any range you deem necessary helps blur the line between optics meant for long range use and night vision goggles. Look at some of the main features:

  • Features a magnification power of 6X
  • Features a digital zoom that goes from 1X to 5X
  • Capable of recording HD video and taking HD pictures
  • Includes an infrared illuminator that functions out to 1150 feet
  • Compatible with a tripod
  • IR may be toggled for daytime use
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries which are not included


This night vision monocular is manufactured by the Chinese company Bestguarder, one of the better manufacturers of night vision devices such as monoculars and binoculars. Many features make this monocular an excellent choice for anyone needing extra visibility during the night and in dark areas.


This product is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile night vision monocular. The included features are typically only found on models which are up to twice the price, so you are getting an excellent deal on this model from Bestguarder. Some of these features improve convenience, and others improve functionality.

For example, the feature of tripod compatibility makes this model an excellent choice for outdoorsmen and hunters who need to set up a stationary camp and need to see in a particular direction. The IR lamp also helps further illuminate your surroundings if you find that the ambient light is insufficient.

NVG Monocular Inputs

This model of monocular is also capable of recording HD video and pictures so you can catalog interesting moments or even use this as a surveillance device on your property. The inclusion of a TV and USB hookup is a feature which makes this possible, as well as facilitating transfer of recorded files.

What Others Say

Other customers were highly impressed by the quality of recordings and images taken by this device. It has been stated that this is one of the best night vision devices you can purchase if you want high-quality recordings. The digital nature of this monocular makes saving of recordings particularly easy.

Regarding downsides, customers have stated that this device is very power hungry. The need for AA batteries makes this night vision monocular a little more expensive to operate than some rechargeable models. This is also advantageous, however, as you can replace the batteries without having to wait for a recharge period.

Buying Advice

Make sure you search for a pair of night vision equipment whose features that suit your needs. This monocular is usually priced at around 300 dollars. This is a great price for such a reliable and versatile model of night vision device. It can be found at numerous online retailers stocking night vision and outdoor equipment, including Amazon.


This night vision monocular from Bestguarder is a good choice for customers who prefer a digital night vision system. The recording capability and good image quality come together to result in a high-quality product which also features a good degree of versatility.

Bestguarder HD Digital Night Vision Monocular


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