A Guide To Finding The Best Night Vision Binoculars

A Guide To Finding The Best Night Vision Binoculars

There are many benefits to outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting. You will find that they are a great way to keep you healthy, as the uneven terrain of forests and other similar areas makes for a good cardio workout. Beyond that, they are simply enjoyable hobbies that make use of the outdoors, something much needed in our increasingly urbanized lives.

Unfortunately, there are sometimes circumstances out of our control that will not allow us to partake in these activities. This tends to be the case for outdoor hobbies, as the weather can always impede upon your fun. The weather is not the only thing that you need to contend with when it comes to practicing outdoor activities.

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Unfortunately, these hobbies become more difficult or even impossible during the night. In the case of hiking, you will have to be far more careful and make use of a flashlight. Unfortunately, a flashlight only lets you see a small cone of your surroundings, and it may be hard to spot any obstacles on the ground in the gloom.

Insufficient lighting while hiking or trail running can result in injuries, some even serious, such as broken legs. It would be very dangerous to be immobilized in such a way while hiking, especially if you are going alone. This is why it is important to take as many precautions as possible while you are hiking during the night.

In the case of hunting, a flashlight does not help you during the night as it is very likely to scare away the animals you are hunting and it may even attract predators such as bears. In both of these cases, it is evident that a flashlight is an imperfect solution. Thankfully, there are alternatives at your disposal.

Night vision technology has come a very long way since its invention during the Second World War. Over the course of seventy years, it has advanced from a system that was only available for elite military applications to something that can be bought for a little over a hundred dollars.

There are many forms of night vision technology available to consumers, but today we will be looking at the best night vision binoculars. We will also be looking for the best night vision monocular in this review guide, so you will have a good deal of options to choose from depending on your particular needs.

The best night vision binoculars tend to combine the low light capabilities of night vision goggles with the magnification level of a good pair of binoculars. They also tend to cut down on the cost compared to goggles due to their smaller size. This makes the best rated night vision binoculars an excellent choice for those unwilling to invest heavily in night vision goggles.

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Choose Your Night Vision Binoculars Carefully

It helps to be careful when looking for the best night vision binoculars. While night vision has certainly decreased in price over the past few decades, you will find that they are still typically rather expensive pieces of technology. It would be unfortunate to spend a good deal of money only to find that you picked a model which is subpar.

Think of the best night vision binoculars as an investment. You would be better off spending more money up front than ending up spending a larger amount of money later to replace a pair of malfunctioning night vision binoculars.

Taking Money From Wallet

Another reason that it is especially important that you opt for the best night vision binoculars possible is because your safety may rely on them one night. If your night vision device were to fail on you, you would find yourself in a situation where you only have your backup flashlight to rely on.

A pair of night vision binoculars which malfunction while you are in the outdoors may make navigation of obstacles somewhat difficult. This may even result in injuries due to these unseen obstacles, so you will want to purchase your night vision binoculars while considering that your safety may eventually depend on them.

As with any other product, it is important to balance the price with quality. An expensive product is not always a good one, and a cheap product is not always a bad one. Some of the best night vision binoculars we have seen have been available at a lower price point than much of the competition simply due to the higher value for money.

Never underestimate the value of an affordable product which is still constructed to excellent standards. This holds true for the best binoculars with night vision as well as many other types of products.

What To Pay Attention To When Buying Night Vision Binoculars

There are many types of night vision binoculars available, ranging from the best night vision binoculars for hunting to the best night vision binoculars for wildlife observation.

Due to this large variety of products, you will find that it is important to have a good understanding of the features which are offered in each of them. Before we get to our reviews, we will be looking at some of these features and explaining them.


There are four generations of night vision equipment, with Gen 1 being the most affordable yet least effective and Gen 4 being the most expensive as well as the most powerful.

Most lower priced consumer options for night vision equipment will be Gen 1, but there are some Gen 2 options entering the market at that price point.

Man Wearing NVG Gen 2

The differences between generations can be summed up regarding better image quality as generations go on. Another consideration is that newer generations of night vision devices will typically have a longer lifespan than older generations, giving you greater longevity for your money.

Another feature of newer generations is a longer battery life as well as a better field of view. For most general applications, you will be fine using a Gen 1 device, but those who are serious about their night vision may be willing to drop a higher amount of money on new generation binoculars.


Some of the top rated night vision binoculars will feature a manual gain control. What this does is essentially adjust the brightness of the image you are seeing through your binoculars. This is useful for conditions in which there is very little ambient light to pick up or too much light to pick up.

For example, if you are using your night vision binoculars in a relatively bright area, you can turn down the gain so that your surroundings aren't too bright to see. On the other hand, in an area of excessive darkness, you can turn up the gain so that you can actually see.

Image Quality

Of course, one of the most important considerations when purchasing night vision binoculars is the quality of the image. This is related to generation, as that will have a large effect on the clarity of the image. For example, Gen 1 night vision equipment usually features grainy images which grow less clear around the edges.

Gen 4 night vision devices can be as clear as an HD camera, but they are usually not needed outside of military applications, and even then they can be rare.

Recording Function

The ability to record what you see through your night vision binoculars or monocular is also a feature that you may wish to search for when making your purchase. There are times at which you can see some incredible sights through night vision, and it is nice to be able to save them for later viewing.

Reindeer On Video

Models which feature this functionality will typically feature a removable microSD, USB cable or both so that you can transfer the files to your computer. Some models can even record in full HD, although you should keep in mind that the quality will be limited by the generation of your night vision device.

Power Source

One more feature that is important to take into consideration when you are purchasing your night vision binoculars is the manner in which they are powered. There are two types of power sources which are typically used in night vision devices, and they vary from model to model.

The first type of power source is an onboard rechargeable battery, which has the advantage of saving you money in the long run as you will not have to purchase additional batteries. Models which use separate batteries have the advantage of not needing to wait a short time for them to recharge.

Best Night Vision Binoculars

To choose the right night vision binoculars, the first question to ask yourself is “What am I going to use them for?”

Winner - Bestguarder HD Digital Night Vision Binoculars

These night vision binoculars from Bestguarder are a good choice for customers who are looking for a mid range product with good recording capabilities. Unlike many other models of night vision binoculars, these can record video in HD, which is usually a feature reserved for higher priced models. Here are some of the main features of the product:

  • Capable of 4X magnification with 1X to 5X digital zoom
  • Records video in 720P HD quality
  • Functions in either day or night thanks to toggleable night vision
  • Maximum resolution of photos is 2592x1944
  • IR lamp has a range of 980 feet

The inclusion of an infrared illuminator is another feature that we appreciated, as it allows you to use these binoculars in an area where there is very little light. The range of the illuminator, which is over 900 feet is rather impressive, with competing products struggling to get a 300-foot range out of their IR illuminators.

Bestguarder HD Night Vision Binoculars

Source: gemtuneonline.com


The picture quality of these binoculars is also surprising. After reviewing similarly priced products with grainy image quality and lack of clarity, our expectations weren't exactly high. We are happy to report that the quality is good enough to make use of these binoculars at reasonable ranges and the HD recording capability is not wasted.

We also appreciated the feature which allows you to toggle the IR capability of these binoculars, allowing you to use them during the daytime as standard digital binoculars.

All in all, these binoculars are a typical mid range model, but they have enough extra features to push them close to high-end night vision devices. If you prize recording capability and high-quality video and pictures, you will be a fan of these.

Runner Up - Bushnell LYNX Night Vision Binoculars

The Bushnell LYNX binoculars are a pair of night vision binoculars that are meant to provide high quality in a reasonably priced package. While price of around 600 dollars may seem a bit steep, it is well worth the price for a pair of binoculars which are so resilient in addition to providing excellent picture quality. Look at some of the main features of the product:

  • HD image quality contributes to greater clarity
  • Binoculars feature a durable design that is built to last
  • Binoculars feature a magnification power of 2.5X
  • Binoculars include an infrared lamp with a range of 90 yards
  • AR coated glass lenses contribute to image quality
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included)

The clarity of these binoculars rivals non night vision binoculars, eliminating much of the graininess and blurring that you would notice in other, cheaper models. This is due to a combination of excellent night vision technology as well as AR coated glass lenses, resulting in almost unmatched quality.

Bushnell LYNX Gen 1 Night Vision Binocular

Source: bushnell.com


They are also relatively light in terms of power consumption, requiring only 2 AAA batteries where other models require even more AA batteries. The battery life is a bit shorter than many other products in the same category, but it is still relatively serviceable.

Our favorite aspect of these binoculars is their high degree of waterproofing and weather resistance. This allows you to take your binoculars with you in the outdoors without having to worry about the possibility of rain ruining your expensive night vision device.

To conclude, these night vision binoculars are meant to be the best in terms of image quality while also featuring a secondary focus on durability. This is a good combination when you consider the higher price of these binoculars, but they can rival products which are even higher in terms of price point.

Alternative - BIAL Wide Angle Day And Night Vision Binoculars

These binoculars manufactured by BIAL are meant to offer more versatility than competing models. They are effective in both day and night conditions, which gives you more value for your money than most other night vision binoculars. They do not include many additional features, but they make up for it regarding build quality and picture quality.

  • Binoculars feature a magnification power of 10X
  • Binoculars feature a 40mm objective lens
  • Capable of functioning in both day and night
  • 430-foot field of view at 1000 yards
  • Rubber coated construction allows for greater grip

They have the strongest magnification of any product on this list, going up to a power of 10X. If you are looking for night vision binoculars which will be effective at longer ranges, this model is the right choice. They are also one of the most affordable options you will find in terms of night vision binoculars, being priced at around 50 dollars.

BIAL Wide Angle Day And Night Vision Binoculars

Source: binocularsshy.info


The build quality of these binoculars is far better than you would expect from such a low priced model, however. The rubber coated exterior allows you to maintain a firm grip on these binoculars, even in the rain and other poor conditions, so you will not be dropping these binoculars anytime soon.

These binoculars also come included with a carrying bag, ensuring that they are not scuffed or otherwise damaged in transit, but you may wish to buy a hard case for them. This ensures that the binoculars will also be protected from impacts.

These binoculars are the best choice for any customer searching for a reliable pair of day and night vision binoculars at an affordable price. Do not let the price point fool you; this product features excellent construction quality and reasonable picture quality.

Best Night Vision Monocular

Check out what we think are two best all round night vision monoculars based on their price and performance.

Winner - Bestguarder HD Digital Night Vision Monocular

This monocular from Bestguarder is one of our favorite night vision products we have reviewed. Think of this product like the monocular version of the Bestguarder binoculars that we reviewed earlier. It allows for a greater degree of portability due to its smaller size, making it useful for both long and short range night vision. Here are some of the main features of the product:

  • Magnification level of 6X with a 1X to 5X digital zoom
  • Records both HD video and pictures
  • Infrared illuminator works out to over 1000 feet
  • Features tripod compatibility for greater stability
  • Toggleable IR allows for daytime use
  • Uses 4 AA batteries for power

Like most other Bestguarder products, one of the best features of this model of monocular is that you can record HD video and take high-resolution images. This makes this monocular a good choice for cave exploration, as you are very likely to encounter natural wonders that you will wish to record for later.

Bestguarder HD Digital Night Vision Monocular

Source: ultimumvitae.com


This monocular is also useable in the daytime since you can toggle the IR capability, allowing you to use it as a normal digital monocular. The base magnification is 6X but the digital zoom capability allows you to go from 1X to 5X if you so desire. The digital zoom is not as effective as an optical zoom, but it is certainly better than no zoom at all.

This monocular uses 4 AA batteries for power, which may be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your preferences and whether or not you own rechargeable AA batteries. To conclude, this product is a good mid range option, like most of Bestguarder's products.

It combines good image quality with excellent recording capabilities to make a good hybrid of a camera and a night vision device.

Runner Up - Solomark Night Vision Monocular

The Solomark night vision monocular is the more affordable option you have when searching for the best night vision monocular. While it may be more affordable, this does not mean that it is lacking in terms of additional features or picture quality. Look at some of the main features of the product:

  • Multi coated optical glass lens improves quality
  • LED IR lamp has a range of 300 feet
  • Can record video and capture images
  • Features tripod compatibility
  • Rubber coated construction allows for more grip
  • Comes included with a 1GB microSD card, a neck strap, carrying case, and mini USB and AV cables
  • Features a 2 year limited warranty
  • Needs 4 AA batteries for power, not included

The need for 4 AA batteries may be irksome, but this can be counteracted by purchasing rechargeable batteries. The inclusion of several extras with this product is appreciated, however. These include a microSD card to store your photos and videos and both mini USB and AV cables to transfer or play your media.

Solomark Night Vision Monocular On White Background

Source: relfe.com


The picture quality is not as good as higher priced options, but it is still reasonably good for the price point, allowing the consumer to have decent night vision capability. The battery life is only a few hours long, but the batteries may be replaced so that you can get several uninterrupted hours of functioning, limited only by your battery supply.

The inclusion of a 2-year warranty demonstrates the faith that Solomark has in this product, and we must say that the build quality is quite impressive. As you would not expect this from such a cheap product, it is a surprising aspect.

This product is a good choice for those needing night vision capability but unwilling to spend too much money. The capabilities of this monocular are reasonable for the price, and it is some of the best value for money you will get in the product category.


As you can see, it is easier than one would think to find the best pair of night vision binoculars. We hope that this review guide has proved helpful and comprehensive. We have tried to include a good mix of products that are varied and effective. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them down in the comments section below.

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